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UV Technology are runners up in the prestigious Food Processing Awards

Category - Hygiene - Food Processing Awards

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Campden BRI in partnership with UV Technology

Campden BRI have ordered a new UV-C decontamination tunnel from UV Technology Ltd. The tunnel will allow Campden BRI to provide UV-C testing and trial services to both existing and new clients within the food industry

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Foodlife & UV Technology in Partnership

UV Technology integrated into salad leaf washing and drying process

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Food poisoning bug 'found in 73% of shop-bought chickens'

UVT's decontamination solutions are proven to reduce campylobacter levels on both product and packaging

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Norovirus risk from Chinese strawberries warning

UVT's Fruit Decontamination Tunnels extend product shelf life and eliminate Norovirus and other foodbourne pathogens

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Cross-contamination and mislabelling causes most product recalls

UVT's decontamination solutions prevent cross contamination and reduce product recalls

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The Guardian Sick Chicken

Video - what you need to know and what the government won't tell you

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Campden BRI invests in cold plasma and UV-C tech

Campden BRI has purchased a continuous UV-C decontamination system

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Major salmonella investigation underway

UVT's decontamination solutions can significantly reduce the levels of salmonella on food products and packaging

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We are doing our bit to beat campylobacter - are you ?

The 2015 Chicken Challenge - Step up to the plate. Do your bit to cut campylobacter food poisoning in half.

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