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What is Active Field Technology?

AFT(Active Field Technology) is a revolutionary technology utilisng a ‘non-ionizing’ field created through the use of alternating current at very low power. It is an entierely new form of active air treatment that utilises ground breaking technology to destroy all airborne bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds (VOC`s) that are passed through its destructive electron field.

How Does it Work?

  • AFT uses elementary physics to change the chemistry of air.
  • Air enters the device and is passed through an ‘electron avalanche’ inside a non-ionizing destructive electron field.
  • Viruses are destroyed immediately by breaking down the charges bonding the individual building blocks toghether (up to 99.99999999% effectiveness).
  • Bacteria, moulds and their spores are killed immediately as the electron bombardment destroys their cellular walls (up to 99.999 effectiveness).
  • VOC`s are disassembled by AFT into their constituent atomic components and rendered safe (up to 99.94% effectiveness).
  • Each disassembled and inert particle is then given an electric charge by the field and expelled through a highly efficient electrostatic media (certified down to 0.01 micron).
  • Any debris or remaining matter bonds to the electrostatic media.
  • Chemically pure air then exits the device, post treatment.


The Benefits of AFT

  • A safe, economical, environmentally friendly solution to your air quality issues.
  • AFT can be applied in HVAC systems or as in-room air treatment units.
  • AFT sterilises atmosphere to clinical standards up to log 10 reduction in a single pass.
  • VOC`s and odours are reduced to virtually undetectable levels.
  • Helps prevent illness and significantly improves indoor air quality.
  • Very low power consumption – each AFT generator draws less than 40W, making it one of the greenest air treatment technologies in the world.
  • Easy to install with scalable treatment options for either applications in HVAC systems or in-room decontamination.
  • Removal of harmfull particulates down to 0.01 micron.
  • The highly efficient electrostatic filters significantly reduce air handler back pressure (typically only 25 Pa) – a great energy saving over conventional filtration.
  • Certified clean air to well above operating theatre standards (minimum ISO 6 guaranteed).
  • Independent accreditation by trusted international institutes.
  • AFT supports LEED and BREEAM initiatives.

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Higher Efficiency With AFT for HVAC

The paradox of modern day HVAC systems is the compromise between particulate removal versus energy efficiency. If you require high particulate removal within a building then the appropriate passive filtration systems will also result in a significant loss of air flow and increased energy usage. Alternatively, if you are more concerned about the energy footprint of the HVAC system then passive low-grade filtration may be applied, however that drastically reduces particulate removal and air quality within the building.

But what if you could have both? What if you could have high particulate removal as well as a significantly reduced energy footprint? Well, look no further – the AFT HVAC system allows you to have just that.

AFT is scientifically proven to reduce particulate and airborne pathogens (bacteria, virus, VOCs, mould etc.) to less than 0.1 micron without the use of inefficient, energy consuming passive filtration. Depending on the current filtration installed, the AFT revolutionary technology can reduce your HVAC system energy footprint by more than 50%.

Considering commercial buildings typically use between 40 – 60% of their total energy consumption on HVAC systems, our technology affords your business significant financial benefits.


Stand Alone and Mobile Units

We have a comprehensive range of both stand alone and mobile units. These units are designed to treat varying air volumes and can be deployed across all industrial and domestic environments.


Industrial series

The industrial series has a guaranteed effectiveness up to 99.999% all airborne micro-organisms, bio-hazards, VOC’s, moulds, smoke and odours.


Medical series

The medical series has a guaranteed effectiveness up to 99.99999999% on all airborne micro-organisms, bio-hazards, VOC’s, moulds, smoke and odours.

What distinguishes the medical series from the industrial series is its ability to destroy micro-organisms at a smaller size.

This means that our machines, placed in the right environment can meet the ISO 5 / MERV 20 standard, or better. In other words, creating a more sterilised environment than a typical laboratory rating (ISO 6).

Applications for the Industrial and Medical Series include:

  • Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes
  • Remediation - fire & flood recovery, etc.
  • Offshore and marine
  • Data centers
  • Food production
  • Schools and kindergartens
  • Quarantine zones
  • Kitchen and food preparation
  • Bathrooms
  • Smoking rooms
  • Industrial buildings
  • Hotels
  • Nail Salons
  • Paint / Body Shops

Domestic series

The AFT Executive unit has been designed and developed with the domestic market in mind. With a sleek design that fits stylishly in the modern home. This unit treats up to 200 m3 of air per hour and is ideally suited for living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens, etc.
The Executive unit is easy to move around for targeted air purification and odour removal.

Furthermore, in addition to improving any room with cleaner and fresher air, the Executive unit is also an excellent solution for allergy and asthma sufferers as it efficiently removes allergens and pollen up to 99.999%.

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